Protective Shell Against False Information

959Comment: There is a tendency in the media now that goes from one extreme to another. Some media constantly cover negative events. Others try to gloss over those events and want to only show good news; the bad news does not seem to exist. It seems that humanity simply does not know what to do anymore.

My Response: The point is, that old movies and good news calm people down. Why would they want to see all the bad stuff if there is no use for it? I would rather live in my shell, in a so-called soap bubble, with all sorts of soap operas, and feel good.

Just think, life goes by, so I will spend it pleasantly. Why should I listen to bad news and watch these terrible films about murders and continuous gang fights or courtroom squabbles?

A person, in the end, begins to get tired of it, does not want to have contact with this world, and retreats into his own world. So we are constantly building some kind of protective shell around ourselves.

I believe that this is absolutely true. After all, the information we receive is imperfect and biased. Someone sensationalizes them to raise their ratings. Therefore, they twist things to look stunning, publish articles with headlines that make everything seem like it is the end of the world. You look, and there is nothing inside, and even its writing is mediocre.

Question: Where does this inner emptiness come from?

Answer: Everyone has to stand out in order to make some money on it. That is what happens. In the end of course there is emptiness.

Therefore, the people who refuse to do this are right. They are not refusing the truth, but the lies from being played by all these reporters and producers and go into what is more pleasant and better for them. I quite understand them.

But life will not let them calm down because this is not the solution to the problem.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Common Law Marriage” 8/11/09

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