New Requests, Old School

630.2Question: Does inner emptiness manifest in an already developed soul?

Answer: It is not emptiness but a request for the next level of existence, the level of Man.

Man is not an animal. In our world there is inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature. We are on the animate level. But who is man then?

There is no man in our world. Man is a completely different being, it is not us. We cannot call ourselves human beings because we only care about our body: how to exist within it.

Comment: Because we do not know anything else.

My Response: Not that we do not know, we do not have a request for it. Therefore, we are also animals, only more highly organized ones, if you can say so.

Question: Let’s say that children are more developed souls. Parents are less developed because they do not have this request. It is good if they try to understand the child somehow. But if they suppress it, take him to psychologists, give him Ritalin?

Answer: Unfortunately, this is a big problem. But such actions will not achieve anything. It means it will take another generation or two before that goes away too. As a result, we will get a terrible generation.

We do not want to be engaged in giving our children a real understanding of the essence of life. We do not want to break the foundations of our schools made according to the conveyor type.

How old is the modern school? A little over a hundred years. Schools began to be created when the production line appeared. Then they began to quickly train workers who would be able to read a little, write a little, understand the orders, understand the conveyor-type machines.

Therefore, the modern school was created in exactly the same flow—to force people there, to train them into workers, and to put them to work on machines. Our education system emerged from that. And to this day, it is the same.

And today the world is different—informational. The needs of our children are completely different, and the school remains the same. Children cannot thrive in it! They just “die” in it.

The school does not educate a person. It fills them with knowledge, completely unnecessary for today. We need a different school, a different education system, a different atmosphere in the school! We must make schools suitable for the new generation! And then there will be no problems with Ritalin.

Maybe it is better for children to run from morning to night, and while running, organize some classes and not sit all day in drills and look at the hated teacher. This is not how things should be organized!

Who says this is correct? Because that is how it was arranged 150 years ago when workers were needed for the assembly-line industry? We do not need it now! How many people are employed in such jobs today? Everything is being rebuilt, everything is changing. And so we need to make the world fit the children who are growing up today, and not prod fit them into our Procrustean bed so they correspond to it.
From KabTV’s “Close-up. Depression in Children” 8/24/09

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