My Thoughts On Twitter 5/23/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Following an attack by Islamists, #Facebook is obliterating the largest pro-Israel page. This will happen in all media across the world. #Israel will find itself completely isolated.
And the guilt for this lies on the nation of #Israel itself, which does not wish to realize that the whole correction of the world depends only on it!

All the problems in the world come only because the #Jews are not united. There are 2 kinds of unity: on the level of this world, and most importantly, on the spiritual level, in the Creator. As a result, the whole world will meet in the Creator. And this is the end of all correction. Thus we have arrived at the beginning …

Every #war destroys our nation more and more. We are given the opportunity to come closer to one another internally, but we do not use it. When will we understand that peace is created only by us, between us!
From Twitter, 5/23/21

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