My Thoughts On Twitter 5/17/21

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

What to do with a nation that no one likes? What kind of nation is this? When will they understand what the world awaits from them? How do we explain to the #Jews and to the whole world that everything depends on the Jews? On #Shavuot, the Torah’s birthday, let’s understand the Torah’s purpose: for us to gain awareness… #torah #israel

Israel’s antiterrorist operation must include, first of all, the unification of the nation of #Israel. This is a strategic response to Islamic #terrorism. The final result of the war depends on it.

Bennet: How many #Jews have to be killed for the world to love us?
Laitman: how many Jews have to be LOVED for the world to love us? This is the meaning of observing the whole.

All the countries are falling apart from the inside, especially the #EU countries. This process will keep exacerbating in order to compel people to fight the #egoism that grows between them!
From Twitter, 5/17/21

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