Why Do Love Marriages Break Up?

627.1Question: There is this problem in the world: people cannot find a reliable life partner. So there are many dating sites, people are searching for each other in the media. Still, most of the time, they find no one.

In Japan, they even introduced artificial intelligence to match pairs according to character, genetics, emotions, and so on. How do you feel about matchmaking?

Answer: Positively. What is good in the fact that some guy starts a love relationship with a girl? What happens there? They have children, they are forced to marry.

It is better if there is a matchmaking origination where they look in advance who is suitable for whom. Humanity has existed continuously and for many thousands of years in this way in all cultures. There is none of it today.

Comment: In England, there is a method of determining by smell: you come in, you smell something and say “This is my smell.” And they say: “This smell suits this girl. Or this guy.”

My Response: This is very important to us. The cells that react to smell cover a big area in the brain.

Question: Can it be that this British method is quite advanced?

Answer: It is not advanced. It is natural and old.

Question: Does it mean that to a large extent, I even determine my partner by smell?

Answer: Undoubtedly!

There is no doubt that by this we are attracted to each other  by this or distance from each other even unconsciously. What about all that perfume and so on? It is natural.

However, this should not be the criterion. We should approach each other not on the level of smell, although this is also very important, and not on the level of other various tastes, but on the level of understanding our correct aim to the purpose of creation. If we were all aiming for the correct purpose of creation, it would be much easier for us to find a partner. After all, in principle, we would not be separated from each other. We would not split up. This purpose would unite us all.

Comment: For young people, it is way too exalted to talk about the purpose of creation.

Answer: And what happens in the end? It turns out very low. They will not invent anything new. They get something like love for an hour  and that is the end of it.

Question: What should they understand?

Answer: They need to understand why they are getting married, why they need to tie up their life with a certain person. In the end, you still will not be able to create married couples. They will meet, have children, and run away from each other.

Question: How can one find a lifelong partner?

Answer: Only the final purpose should hold us together.

Question: Why do I look for a partner? Why do I get married?

Answer: In order to reach the final goal together with my partner through correct connection with him or her. Yet, I also need friends for that.

The purpose of creation is to reveal the upper force that manages us. To understand and attain what we exist for, what happens to us, who controls us, and where it leads. That is what we need to reveal so that we open our eyes to where we are.

Question: Does this thirst have to be in him and in her, in the guy, in the girl, and in general in all people?

Answer: Yes. You must discover this need and together with your partner gradually move toward it.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 1/14/21

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