Preparation For Spiritual Ascent

942Question: What did you mean when you spoke about a purely psychological barrier when one is exiting the bounds of one’s own “I”?

Answer: Previously, in order to prepare a person for a spiritual ascent, it was necessary to do it through a psychological ascent. That is why I was saying this.

Today, however, it is much easier to do it in a correctly arranged group. If a person is in such a society, then it gradually forms him, places him inside itself, and begins to work on him within itself.

Therefore, today it is not necessary to pay so much attention to psychology. It is enough to place a person in a group, and if he is engaged in it correctly, then the group will do everything itself. Gradually, it will mature, and, as between millstones, will produce for you a more or less a spiritual being.

If there is no group, then nothing will work. There will be no spiritual growth. A person will turn out to be some kind of psychologist.
From KabTV’s “Integral Course” 3/19/21

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