A Microscope For Revealing The Creator

530It is written: “There is none else besides Him,” and with respect to the ten, this means that the entire ten connects with the single upper force that it must reveal. We establish a relationship between us so that this single upper force can be revealed within us.

The entire ten helps each other in this, each one supports the others and exists only in order to advance the ten.

After all, my entire spiritual life is only in the ten, and my duty is to connect all of them together to such an extent that according to this connection the Creator will be revealed within us. It is as if we have a microscope or a camera that needs to be focused by turning knob to adjust the objective lens. If we set it up correctly, then all our focuses are connected and we can see a clear, sharp picture.

This is what we need to do in the ten: to turn each one, each “lens” that is in the group so that we can see the Creator who is within us. Of course, as soon as we manage to catch Him in our focus, He immediately disappears, and we have to look for Him again and adjust the focus. And so over and over again, but each time we move forward by increasing the resolution and rising to a higher level of examination and implementation.

This is the work we must do every day and even every moment. The entire work is to bring the ten to a state where I see not ten people but ten qualities, and by connecting them more and more precisely, I feel the Creator on the higher and higher degree of the NRNHY.

Then we will begin to perceive The Study of the Ten Sefirot in our senses—as something happening in a person’s heart and the mind. We will understand what the screen and the Kli are in our feelings. We will begin to live in the spiritual world even if for the time being like infants who do not quite understand but already perceive and feel changes taking place in it.

This will be a real study of the wisdom of Kabbalah. We will begin to understand its language of branches, the language in which Kabbalists wrote in order to pass spiritual information from generation to generation using the words of this world.

The most important thing is to maintain the correct attitude toward spirituality, our connection within which the Creator is revealed as if through a properly focused lens. We adjust it by focusing our friends more and more accurately on one common point: all our intentions, feelings, and thoughts to be in order to become as one man with one heart. This means that we have found one common focus in which we reveal the Creator.

It is clear that each time our lens gets out of focus and we find ourselves further away from spirituality. But all this is in order for us to focus more on the ten despite all the disturbances and to attain the correct picture. The greater the difference between the descent, when we see nothing but this world, and the ascent, when we see ourselves as one and the Creator between us, the higher our spiritual degree is.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/10/21, “Reinforcing Ourselves with There Is None Else Besides Him”

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