Conquer Yourself

571.06“Conquer yourself and you will win thousands of battles.” (Buddha)

Question: What do you mean by “conquer yourself”?

Answer: By conquering yourself I mean that I do not follow my egoistic aspirations and impulses, but still try to arrange them in accordance to the purpose of creation. And naturally, by doing so, I win thousands of battles against my ego, which constantly pulls me in different directions and makes me fail.

Question: So one way or another, the ego plunges me in war the whole time? Is this how it works?

Answer: Yes. And you should be lying on the couch motionless and only contemplate how you enter the deeper layers of the universe. By that, you will accomplish everything.

Question: Enter the deeper layers of the universe, what does it mean?

Answer: Finding the goal of creation and aligning yourself with it in all your qualities.

Question: So this egoism of mine, understanding that I am an egoist, that my nature is egoism, what am I to do about it? Do I try to build something above it?

Answer: Above it, of course. You do not want to follow it, but be above it, above the egoistic nature. When I do not try to meddle in my thoughts, desires, motives, and selfish aspirations, but rather be inclined to see whether this would be good for the whole world.

Question: That is, for others and not for myself?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 2/15/21

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