Understanding The Law Of Correct Connection

275Comment: The great Kabbalist Rabbi Akiva said that the Torah is love your neighbor as yourself.

My Response: This is its general direction, a general law.

Question: What should have been described there on thousands of pages? Everything is quite simple: Love your neighbor as yourself. You do not even need to explain anything here. But we have seen throughout history that no one succeeds. Who can fulfill this law?

Answer: The execution of the law is one thing. Even to understand what is written is also impossible.

This law includes all of nature, absolutely all characteristics of a person, his desires and thoughts, everything that can happen to humanity in full until the end of the ages. All this is contained in a very simple sentence: Love your neighbor as yourself. That is, everything that happens is necessary only for the implementation of this rule.

Love your neighbor is the law of correct union. Just as at the inanimate level, atoms consisting of protons and electrons combine to form molecules, so at the level of the human, people must unite in the same way.

Only, we need to do this not instinctively, but on our own. The Torah is an instruction explaining to a person how to do it on their own and come to the realization of the law love your neighbor.

But you need to know how to approach this. Before everything else, a person must know his own nature, the nature of his neighbor, how to get closer to him, and what to do. It is not easy at all! This requires thousands of books.

Look at the world around us. Who implements this? If only everything were so easy! People do not even want to come close to it.

Comment: Unfortunately, we do not understand that this is exactly what the Torah says. Throughout history, sages have never been able to explain this.

My Response: The one who wants it receives an explanation. For this, he must come to a Kabbalist and learn from him.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 6/3/19

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