To Be Or Not To Be Like The Creator

610.2Question: What would likeness to the Creator give me?

Answer: A lot. Being like the Creator.

Question: Is it worth it?

Answer: They say yes. 🙂

Comment: It is just that so little has been written about this. Very weak advertising.

My Response: The fact is that advertising cannot be given here because what can you offer now, in advance, before a person starts doing something for the sake of another?

Comment: Describe what a wonderful state it is to be like the Creator. So many different books have been written, but nothing about that.

My Response: A lot has been written. But all this will not give us anything and will not help us in any way.

Comment: Let us say that a person understands what it means to be a millionaire. Much has been written about this.

My Response: Yes, and besides, he sees examples in front of him. Here, there are no examples, since the similarity to the Creator does not fit into our consciousness or into any examples of our world.

Question: How can we, people, be? Something is demanded of us, but we do not understand what it is.

Answer: That is why the Creator gradually develops us to a state so that we feel that we cannot live in any system of laws except love your neighbor. After all, all other laws simply do not give us the opportunity to exist.

Question: Are we being developed by the method of the opposite state? From denial?

Answer: Of course.

Question: Must we renounce our present state?

Answer: It will be so that you will want to renounce it.

Question: Where is the freedom of choice here?

Answer: Freedom of choice is not here! It is out there, further on.

Question: So, at these stages, does nature give us freedom?

Answer: No. Here we are urged on, as they say with a stick, to happiness like little animals. To be or not to be similar to the Creator does not depend on us. All this is recorded in our program. All the same, we will come to this state. There are only two ways: fast and pleasant or long with suffering. So choose!
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/26/19

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