Egyptian Plagues—Locust Infestation

592.01Question: The eighth Egyptian plague is the invasion of locust. Locusts are often mentioned in the Torah because they represent a special egoistic level of man that can be corrected. Interestingly, it is forbidden to eat insects except for locusts. What are locusts inside a person? What is this level of desire?

Answer: This is a very serious blow. Indeed, the Torah says that you can eat locusts. We know the restrictions that exist in using some desires, spiritual properties, but the property of the locust is allowed to be used at the human level.

The locust personifies the level that feeds the animate level of man. That is, it is a transitional step from animate to human. Therefore, it can be used for food to nurture the next level.

Question: In principle, locusts destroy everything. How do Kabbalists explain this? They must have seen the root and branch. We know that in egoism there is a state where man works, then his ego takes everything, and he sees that there is nothing left for him.

Answer: But he benefits from it. This is the best help because thanks to it man advances. He gets the opportunity to turn to the Creator.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/30/20

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