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231.01People follow the religious commandments with great enthusiasm because they feel great support for their desire to receive pleasure; they are willing to make efforts to receive rewards in this world and most importantly in the future world, forever. Therefore, a person is ready to work all the years of his life in order to receive eternal life.

But how can one avoid the shame of receiving such a thing so as not to work for the Creator out of self-interest? That is why the whole reality was created, so we could work in it and instead of being rewarded for our work, the work itself will give us new organs of perception that allow us to enter the world, the whole of which is a reward.

Kabbalah can never become a religion because a Kabbalist goes through changes all the time. Religion is based on rigid attitudes that are forbidden to be changed, on dogmas that cannot be deviated from,  which clearly define everything that needs to be done.

And Kabbalah, at its core, as a method of advancing to the Creator, presupposes constant changes in a person. Each time, the Creator is new, and I am new, with a new relationship, a new group. Therefore, Kabbalah is not considered a religion.

Every second, every time, every person and the whole ten together check themselves and constantly change. After all, everything is subject to change since it is being realized in our desire to receive pleasure, which is constantly changing.

People who like to obey clear orders prefer a religious framework and derive content from following them.

A Kabbalist is always in doubt, in clarification, in uncertainty, and must cling to the Creator through the group in order to attract some light that illuminates his path. And this is the right way for spiritual development, because in this way we build ourselves in the likeness of the Creator and become people, “sons of Adam,” having made our way through all this confusion and turmoil.

According to the definition of Kabbalah, Bnei Baruch is a movement aimed at revealing the Creator to the creatures in this world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 3/29/21, “Pesach (Passover)”

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