Tuning To The Range Of The Revelation Of The Creator

934My egoism looks for flaws in my friends, but if I want to advance spiritually, I must, on the contrary, see their merits and envy their success. After all, I do not have enough desire to achieve the goal, and where else can I get it?

I once was Adam HaRishon, one common soul, one great desire. But then this desire broke into many pieces, and I was left with only a tiny piece of the entire huge vessel of the system of the common soul. Now I have to move from this meager piece to the huge desire that I had when I was included in the entire system.

This can only be achieved through envy. Envy is a very important tool that increases our desires and opportunities. And without growing the desire, it is impossible to move toward the goal. The Creator needs a certain volume in order to be revealed, called “full measure”(Seah). He cannot be revealed in a vessel capable of receiving only a few grams of filling.

Let’s say that the spiritual experience begins with receiving ten kilograms of filling. When I find the need to receive such fulfillment, I begin to feel my desire empty and then fulfilled. And if my lack is less than that, I do not feel anything.

All our sensory organs are arranged in the same way, working only in a certain range. Devices detect that there are many different waves around us: sound, light, but we do not see or hear them. We begin to perceive the signal, starting from a certain level and up to a certain level, that is, in a limited range.

It works in the same way in the spiritual world. If we want to begin to experience spirituality, we must increase our desire to enjoy in addition to what we received in the shattering. At the expense of what can I turn one gram of desire that I have into ten grams? Only by taking over the desires of others can I be impressed by their qualities and needs.

So we get together in groups, learn together, discuss, and thus get involved in each other’s desires. And the one who does not mix with the desires of others has no chance of revealing the Creator. The Creator reveals himself between us in my desire to receive that is increased by connecting with my friends. Therefore, without envy, which allows us to expand the Kli, we will not be able to reveal the Creator.

The fact is that before the sin of the Tree of Knowledge and the breaking of Adam HaRishon, we were all connected and included in each other in an ideal way. But as a result of the shattering, each one has separated from the others, and now he lacks what is in others.

Before the shattering, everyone had the same common desire, and now only his personal point remains while all other qualities are lost for him. And without attaching them to himself, he will not be able to reveal the Creator in them. Therefore, the revelation of the Creator depends on how much I have become involved in the qualities of a friend.

It is about this that it is said that “You lack nothing but to go out to a field that the Lord has blessed, and collect all those flaccid organs that have drooped from your soul, and join them into a single body.” This is our job. In this field, blessed by the Creator, we find all our broken desires and want to gather them together, to join them.

And all this because of envy. I am now in my egoism and I envy my friends, what they have. Because of this I approach them, engage in their desires, and restore the whole vessel of Adam HaRishon. In this way, I correct the shattering and approach the goal of life, the goal of creation.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/21, “Envy”

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