Envy Is The Engine To Achieve Attainment

938.05It is possible to grow in a natural way due to the growth of the egoistic desire inherent in us. Then we grow just like an animal. And it is possible to grow under the influence of the environment when we envy others and want to adopt their qualities and aspirations.

The difference is that then we grow inside the system by being included in the environment. In this way, we correct the system of Adam HaRishon, achieve universal connection, and bring everything into a single system.

It turns out that the development of a person due to envy is systematic and correct and leads to correction. We need to develop the right envy and be happy that our friends are superior to us because then we have something to learn from them, something to envy, and something to take an example from.

Therefore, everyone will want to be in a more important and powerful environment. One will want to see great people around him, not weak ones. If he considers himself small, he will be able to get more from the big ones and thus grow. Envy is a source of strength, motivation, and the qualities necessary to achieve the goal of creation.

We get everything from the environment, and therefore, the influence of the environment on a person who is ready to expose himself to this influence is the key to and guarantee of proper advancement.

Envy is the engine for the attainment of creation, for understanding the system of Adam HaRishon to which everyone is obliged to connect. Therefore, envy should be considered the basis of development. If you deprive a person of envy, then he will remain an animal. Envy allows him to reach the human level, the level of Adam, similar to the Creator.

As long as we use the ability to envy correctly and are in an environment that promotes the development of envy, to that extent we will be able to rise to a higher level. Everything depends on this quality, whether I will be just an animal or a person similar to the Creator who has attained good and evil and revealed the entire universe.

We must always search from where we want to get additional desires, who we want to envy, from whom to take an example, at the expense of which forces do we move toward the goal of creation, and where can we get them. And then I become more and more attached to my ten, without which I have no chance to advance and get closer to the right goal.

As I cling to the group, I begin to see the purpose of life, its essence, and ultimately, the Creator.

First of all, I have to see in the ten the system of Adam HaRishon because there is nothing else, and everything else are just minor details. And if I give more and more importance to our connection, I begin to see the complete system through it.

I no longer see my friends but a system that is designed in such a way that with the right attitude, it reveals the Creator to me. Instead of my ten, I reveal the spiritual system.

Envy of my friends binds me to them, makes us closer and more suitable for each other. We connect in one system because everyone learns from others. I look at a friend and want to acquire his qualities. It turns out that I build in myself a quality that a friend has, and something common appears between us that helps us to connect.

And another friend looks at me, envies my abilities that he does not have, and because of this envy, he forms the same qualities in himself. We also have something in common and we connect.

It turns out that due to envy we build connections between us, synapses that connect everyone to the rest. Everyone receives ten individual Sefirot through which we communicate with each other. In this way, a person builds a system and becomes involved in everyone, begins to feel everyone from within, and thus attains the spiritual, new world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/16/21, “Envy”

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