Envy Is The Engine Of Development

565.01Envy is a very powerful and important tool in spiritual advancement. It is obvious that in our world it is impossible to advance without envy.

A person looks at others and envies not only people, but even animals. One wants to fly like a bird and swim like a fish in the sea. We must first see an example from the outside, and then our egoism will also light up to acquire the same abilities.

The more developed the egoism is in a person or in a nation, the more it is envious and capable of development.

Envy is a special quality that forces us to desire not what we really lack, but what we see in others. It helps us imagine how nice it would be if we got the same thing that our neighbor has. I’m jealous of what the other person has, and I start to miss it too. And so there is no advancement without envy.

It is very important to use envy now before the big congress because in order to increase our desire, to ignite the desire to achieve a high goal, we need to adopt each other’s desires and combine them together. This requires envy, which is peculiar only to man. Animals are almost not familiar with envy, and even more so with plants or inanimate nature. Only at a certain stage of development does the desire to enjoy begin to feel what the neighbor has. And even if I personally have no need to have the same thing that the other has, if I see how he enjoys, my egoism also lights up to get it and enjoy it.

Usually, the higher the development, the greater the ability to envy, which helps to faster development. Therefore, if we see that we do not have enough desire to advance to the goal of creation and realize our purpose in life, to correct our soul, then we need to turn to society, as it is said: “They helped every one his friend.” Everyone can show others an example to be envied and increase one’s limited desire.

Envy in Kabbalah is a good quality, not an evil one. Therefore, everyone should give others a reason for envy, due to which the desire to enjoy will grow and allow us to achieve a high goal faster. Being jealous of my friend, I do not want to belittle him in any way so that he also would not have what I do not have. I am happy to adopt from him additional desires and actions.

Envy used to lead to wars. But we need to learn how to use envy properly so that instead of fighting with each other, we can fight to rise above envy and move toward a common goal.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/15/21, “Envy”

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