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562.02What is the characteristic of a Kabbalistic prayer that distinguishes it from the prayers of ordinary people? A prayer of an ordinary person emanates from his egoism without any intention to unite with others and ascend to the Creator.

Therefore, this prayer has a purely psychological effect, calming the person but not changing anything in reality. It has no effect on spiritual forces.

It is possible to influence the forces governing creation only by uniting. If the ten unites, then the whole ten acts as one in relation to the upper force.

And if we do not unite in the ten above our egoism, then we do not have any impact on the upper force. It can be influenced only to the extent of the equivalence of properties, and for a minimum equivalence we need to unite our attitudes in the ten.

Therefore, all the prayers of mankind to the Creator have no effect on Him. They are a natural reaction of the desire to receive pleasure, which the Creator Himself provided to each person. Therefore, it makes no sense for Him to listen to the requests of this desire to receive pleasure, which He Himself created.

But if we combine our desires in the ten and, despite our egoism, want to achieve something higher, that is, the power of bestowal instead of the power of reception awakened in us by the Creator, then we really turn to the Creator as the very source of bestowal. And then He gives us the power of bestowal with which we become like Him.

Our prayer is aimed at becoming like the Creator and gaining the power of bestowal, like Him. And this is possible only if we unite in corporeality.

All other prayers, no matter what religion they belong to, are requests for egoistic fulfillment. Therefore, they are of no use except to gradually lead a person to the need to ask for connection between all and adhesion with the Creator on the basis of the power of bestowal and not the power of reception.

Here lies the huge, cardinal difference from the prayer of a Kabbalist in which we ask to gain the power of bestowal, which is above us, outside of everyone’s personal interests, for the sake of other people, for the sake of humanity, and for the sake of the Creator. Everyone asks to have the power to give to everyone except himself because in this he resembles the Creator, who bestows to everyone except Himself. Therefore, such a prayer is significantly different from all other prayers.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/12/21, “My Sons Defeated Me” (Preparation for the Convention 2021)

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