Conscious Growth

232.08Question: At the beginning of creation, we were in an intrauterine state in which we were completely wrapped in love, but we were not aware of it. Then we found ourselves in an opposite situation where we feel only ourselves and no external force that fills us with love.

Do we develop between these two opposite states and as a result receive the revelation of the Creator in our feelings?

Answer: Yes. From these two opposite points we begin to understand what bestowal and reception mean and compare them with each other. In the analysis and synthesis between them, we feel that we simultaneously consist of both these qualities.

A person is neither the receiving part that the Creator created nor the bestowing part that is a quality of the Creator Himself. However, when he begins, like a constructor, to assemble himself from these two qualities, then he grows himself by himself, just like an embryo begins to develop in the mother’s womb from a drop of semen, except for us this growth should be conscious.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #4

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