Jailing Criminals Is Pointless

294.2From a Viewer: Laitman says that we don’t need to destroy evil, but what then—let the Hitlers and their like flourish? Today, there is so much evil around, all ideals are destroyed, the world is ruled by criminals, only evil is around. How should we deal with it? Let him answer!

My Response: We must correct it, not fight it.

Question: Is it not a fight to correct evil?

Answer: No, it’s not a fight. To correct doesn’t mean to destroy it.

Comment: You said that evil remains, it must remain and not be destroyed while good is built next to it.

My Response: Above it.

Question: This is not clear to a person. How so?! When there are so many murderers and all sorts of “Hitlers,” as he says.

Answer: Redo everything. Nothing in the world can be destroyed—neither good nor bad. We just have to rebuild everything.

Question: This is not clear to people. Let’s say I see evil. What are my actions? I see evil, obvious, the worst possible thing. You say: Don’t destroy it. What should I do? How should I handle it?

Answer: It comes from the Creator. There is “None else besides Him.” He is the only source of all that is happening.

How can I imagine that evil turns to good? This is a problem. But this needs to be explained. Why is there more and more evil in the world? Because we don’t correct it. We are trying to destroy it by putting people in prison and killing them to eradicate evil!

We should do nothing of the sort! In no way can this be done. Only turn it to good.

Question: But criminals are put in prison, right?

Answer: Jailing is also wrong. Isolate them, but don’t put them there to stay. As it says in the Torah. You have to create for them such cities where they would live normally and provide for themselves.

Question: Please tell me, what does their correction mean?

Answer: They should receive such a dose of education that they would eat themselves up for what they have done, realize who they are, what, why. And turn into the best correctors and educators.

Imagine, having this practical skill and this past under your belt! After going through everything correctly and absorbing the right education—how much good they could do!
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/30/20

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