The Light Of Kabbalistic Books

527.07Comment: Very often I take a Kabbalistic book, open it at random, and read the page that I opened.

My Response: This is very good because it does not matter what you read. All Kabbalistic books carry light that changes you. Therefore, it does not matter what you read. The main thing is the intention: you want to change, you want to rise, you want to induce the influence of the upper light, which exists everywhere, on yourself.

The fact that you, as it were, accidentally open the book, you thus give the choice to the Creator. The lot will be cast by Him, not by you. This is how Rabash taught me. I want to read something, see something, get some answer to my state so I open the book at random.

This is not fortune-telling. It is just a feeling that I am walking with the Creator and not with some dark forces or launching terrible, unknown mechanisms. No. I call upon myself the upper light in union with the Creator and give Him the opportunity to guide my actions.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #4

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