Bittersweet—Natural Analysis

232.02Question: In Kabbalistic literature, especially in the writings of Rabash, a lot has been written about such states as the analysis of “bittersweet” and “truth – lie.” What are these categories?

Answer: These are two types of analysis: through the heart and through the mind. We have only two systems, sensory, called “heart,” and mental, called “brain,” “mind,” “head.” We usually pass through them everything that we perceive and to which we want to somehow relate.

The bittersweet analysis goes through the heart and the truth – lie through the mind.

Bittersweet is a natural analysis. We see it even in babies who have not yet developed mental analysis at all.

Question: What is it? For example, if I feel good, is it sweet?

Answer: What is good for me is good. And how good it will be in a minute, because maybe it will be bad, doesn’t matter to me, at the moment I feel good.

Question: So this is a program? I move closer to something good and move away from something bad.

Answer: Yes. This is a consequence of analysis. At the same time, we must run a true – false analysis. It may be sweet, but harmful, and vice versa, bitter, but useful. This is how we can move.

But the most important thing is how we compare these two types of analysis: mental and sensory.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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