The First Step Is The Most Important

243.03The ascent to the first spiritual degree after which we begin to climb the spiritual ladder is the hardest step. The first contact with spirituality is the most important event because it means getting acquainted with the opposite world, with opposite relations, values, qualities, and laws.

Before that, we imagine everything only inside of our egoism, only envisioning spirituality. However, the spiritual world has in fact new, unknown properties and different values. As we begin to attain it, we become convinced how opposite it is from what we have imagined. As it is said, “I saw an opposite world.”

But when these confusions are dissipated, day after day, we begin to feel what actions we need to concentrate on in order to rise from summit to summit.

We do not know what the spiritual world is. Only at the first moment when we manage to connect in the  initial minimal measure do we reach a spiritual sensation; that is, we feel the connection between us, which is called Ibur (Conception), and then the next steps: Yenika (Nursing), Mochin (Adulthood).

However, all our work consists in connecting into one group, into one desire accumulated from many desires aimed toward connection, toward bestowal. The main thing is that bestowing to the Creator will become more important to us than anything else.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 1/22/21, “Breaking the Barriers to Spirituality”

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