The Book Of Zohar—The Book For Our Generation

209Question: Do Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai and his disciples who wrote The Book of Zohar have anything to do with what Moses wrote?

Answer: The book that Moses wrote is called Torah, from the word “Ohr (light)” and from the word “Oraa (guidance, instruction).”

This book was a manual for the contemporaries of Moses. They used it for 1,500 years prior to the destruction of the Second Temple and their complete disconnection from the sensation of the spiritual world.

When this happened, it was discovered that the book of Moses, although it is the highest and most powerful in its effect, is removed from us. We cannot give rise to our correction through it and collect the parts of our broken soul into one single picture.

This book is too closed off. It could not be the guide for souls who fell from the level they were at after leaving Egypt to souls at the level of the destruction of the Second Temple.

Now they needed a different direction, a different instruction. And then, The Book of Zohar was written. It is said that this Book was written not for the generation that fell from the spiritual to our level, but for the one which after the expulsion will go through all the metamorphoses, all the suffering.

This Book is for our generation when the global nature of the world, the integral nature of souls, the absolute egoism of man, and the absolute rejection from each other are revealed when people do not want to create families and give birth to children. When the rejection of this world, the absolute indifference to everything is revealed and they plunge into drugs and into such depression that it will be the greatest disease in the world. When we reach such a dead-end in our development.

Man always thought hat he would come to something good and he suddenly finds himself completely drained of blood: nothing is left for him, his hands drop, he does not know what to do with himself and with the world.

Then The Book of Zohar will be revealed. It is suitable for those very souls. Not the Torah and not all the other books but The Book of Zohar in its power will be ready for those souls who, 2,000 years after its writing, will descend into our world, and it will become an instruction for them.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #3

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