Striving To Attain The Creator

527.03When a person asks about the meaning of life, this question leads him to a search. Where did I come from? What am I for? Why do I exist? In principle, this question involuntarily directs us toward the revelation of the source of our existence, the Creator.

The Creator is not a god sitting somewhere on a cloud. It is nature that surrounds us and rules us. Unconsciously, we are constantly within His power and fulfill His desires, instructions, and laws.

The Creator, or the highest form of nature, its highest stage, is the property of goodness, bestowal, and love; an absolute property which includes all of creation. We do not yet feel it, but we are trying to reveal it.

The question regarding the meaning of life brings each of us to a search for the Creator, for the source, and for the reason for our existence. If I do not answer this question, then my whole life will become aimless, meaningless, and hateful. What should I do? Therefore, I start to look for the way to reveal the Creator.

This takes millennia; people engage in all kinds of systems of study including philosophy as well as other spiritual practices. Humanity has become lost in this because there are about 2,800 types of religions, beliefs, and teachings. None of them are based on anything; they are intended for a person to convince himself of their alleged truth and thus be able to exist.

However, there is a very interesting science called, “the science of revealing the Creator, ”that aims to reveal the Creator to a man in our world. Neither other sciences, nor religions, nor other beliefs or methods, set such a goal for themselves. This is known as the science of Kabbalah.

People who come to it are already prepared or partially prepared for this. But, they are also inside the process. As they begin to study Kabbalah, they go through many different stages that sift them as if through a sieve. Only a few really reach the revelation of the Creator. But, in our time, this, in principle, has been prepared for everyone. Therefore, everyone is invited.
From the TV program “Kabbalah – Science of Life” 3/1/18

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