Movement Of Unification

282.01Question: What is one soul?

Answer: One soul is one desire that was completely connected to the Creator and then broke into many parts, like in the Big Bang only at a higher level.

When a person comes to a Kabbalistic group, it is explained to him that our entire movement is toward unification.

In fact, it is written in ancient sources that in the time of ancient Babylon, all of humanity was like one family. No one wanted to dominate others. But then they experienced a sudden explosion of egoism between them. So Abraham, who was their spiritual leader, called everyone to unite.

Question: How does this happen in a person?

Answer: A person begins to understand that he has no other choice. If he wants to reveal the Creator, the meaning of life, then he must shift to the next state, from the egoistic quality of reception, the egoistic power over others, to shift into a state of unity, love, bestowal, and connection.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/15/19

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