How Can I Check If I Have A Soul?

622.01Question: What is a soul and how can one check for its existence if a person has worked on developing it for many years? Did he get it? After all, it is possible that while working in this direction, he was not getting there at all but went in the opposite way?

Answer: In order to develop the soul in you, you need to practice Kabbalah in a certain environment, in a group, and then in a few years, instead of feeling yourself, you will begin to feel the surrounding space, your friends.

And later, through your friends, you will begin to feel the upper force, which fills the space around us, but you did not feel it before. Through connection with your friends, you will develop a sensor that can feel the Creator. This feeling will be called “your soul.”

It is impossible to do this without practicing Kabbalah in a group. If you want to save time, then do not even try to approach this in other ways.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 3/20/19

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