Is There A Satan?

115.06From a Note to You: 

Tell me, does Satan exist? Personally, I think Satan exists, and it is Satan who rules this world. My question is, is it possible to defeat him, or will he lead us to the end of the world?”

Answer: “Satan” stems from the Hebrew word “sote,” which means leading us away from the righteous path.

This is our egoism. I will tell you a secret. He is in each of us, sitting somewhere in a corner with horns and hooves. 🙂 He encourages us all the time. This is Satan.

Question: So, your answer to the first question, “Tell me, is there a Satan?” is “Yes?”

Answer: Yes. In each one of us.

Question: And he rules the world, as you are asked?

Answer: Our world, that is, our state, is ruled by him until we correct it. We cannot expel it from ourselves , we can only correct it.

Question: To the question, “Can it be defeated?”

Answer: You can. For this purpose, the science of Kabbalah has been given. It explains how to do it for us.

Defeating our selfishness is what we need to do. Each, within himself, and each, relative to the others. This is done in a group, in a circle of people who want the same thing. Just do not think that they are in the business of casting Satan out of themselves.🙂

They are simply engaged in what they want in order to approach the property of bestowal and love among themselves. That is all.

Question: That is, to put oneself in this environment and move with them?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And regarding the last part of his question, “Or will he lead us to the end of the world this way?”

Answer: He will lead us to the end of the world, this Satan. But, we can speed up this process and come to the end of this world much faster.

Question: What does “the end of the world” mean to you?

Answer: The end of the world is the end of the egoistic, limited, petty existence of a person in this terrible, otherwise dark world.

Question: And then, what is revealed to a person?

Answer: Infinity, eternity, perfection.

Question: So you are for the end of the world?

Answer: I am in favor of the end of this world as soon as possible because, immediately after it, comes the beginning of another world.

Question: The real one?

Answer: Yes. A higher one.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/23/20

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