Between Light And Darkness

503.02Question: Let’s say that I feel that I cannot justify the Creator either in my mind or in my heart. Nonetheless is this a state of awareness?

Answer: Yes. There is a very smooth gradation that can go from double concealment to  single concealment, then back to double and again to single. This is because when we go forward, by correcting our sensations all the time, we correct them in ascents and descents, ascents and descents.

The ascents and descents give us the feeling of a double or single revelation of the Creator, and then concealment, and then revelation. In other words, these states alternate all the time.

Despite the fact that concealment pushes me away, I do not see the Creator, and I do not understand Him, I am always in some doubts and contradictions, I still do not leave this work and insist on understanding and distinguishing Him. Then the Creator is gradually revealed to me.

I begin to feel that everything comes from Him, and everything has its own reasons, which are intentionally manifested in relation to me and give me the opportunity to be in double or single concealment, and in double or single revelation, so that I would always feel the contrasts between darkness and light. After all, it is with these contrasts that I begin to understand what the principle of His control over me is and how I should respond to this with feedback.

Basically, I need to reach a state where neither double nor single concealment obscure Him from me.

By rising above myself in any darkness, I will feel how to behave correctly, and the darkness will never separate me from the Creator. On the contrary, it will be helping me to be connected to Him by rising above it.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 1/14/19

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