Choose The Path

760.4Question: Is it necessary to teach a person to make decisions or is it a natural skill, a consequence of a person’s upbringing, education? I ask because there are so many courses on how to make right decisions.

Answer: Yes, but they are all limited by the framework of corporeal life. Therefore, I cannot speak with them at the same level. They are trained to make decisions within the corporeal framework.

Remark: But we also live within the corporeal framework.

Answer: The fact is that now this is no longer the case. Today we live in a generation that must choose a path that coincides with the general task of the universe even in solving the most elementary production problems. Otherwise, nothing will come of this enterprise.

Let people come to our course and gradually begin to understand how the whole system called one soul, Adam, works, and how we can behave correctly in this system.
From KabTV’s “Management Skills” 6/11/20

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