My Thoughts On Twitter 8/27/20

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The middle line in relationships can fill conflicts with new meaning: when the fire of hatred is burning, let’s forge unity out of it together!

The desire to achieve a mutual guarantee brings us to the Creator, for only He can unite us. The Creator has the upper light—the only force capable of giving us the sensation of a mutual guarantee, or connection. As we build a mutual guarantee, we begin to feel just how much we miss the Creator.

By assembling our individual souls into the soul of Adam, we are called the Creator’s partners and sons of Adam (Bnei Adam). This work turns us into sons of Adam, for we work jointly with the Creator to build a vessel after His likeness.

This is a puzzle of a billion pieces that are constantly changing. We realize that “it is not up to us to complete this work,” yet “we cannot be free of it.” All that is required of me is to take part.

Man’s work consists in reconnecting all the broken pieces of the soul of Adam. The Creator had purposefully shattered them to give us the opportunity to put them back together and see the ways in which they match. Until we complete this puzzle and become a single whole.
From Twitter, 8/27/20

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