To Infinity And Beyond!

laitman_923I remember how at the first congress in Sitrin, on Passover in 2003, we naively shouted that we would break through the Machsom (the barrier separating us from the spiritual world). 17 years have passed since then, and I think that finally the time has come to really demand the boundary of the upper world to open before us and let us pass through the sea as if by land. I think we are ready, along with all our friends around the world. If we all feel we are in the same boat, we can feel ourselves standing on the other side of the river of life.

Let friends from all over the world come together, joining us physically or virtually, and together we will break through the Machsom. L’Chaim!1
From the Talk at a meal, 2/1/20
1 Minute 23:30

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