Does Faith In The Future World Make Life Easier?

laitman_604.02Question: If everyone said that the soul is the most important thing and the body is nothing, people would probably have a different attitude toward death?

Answer: There is no doubt.

Question: Why don’t they?

Answer: First, because no one in the general population feels this, and second, it is anti-egoistic. After all, if this is directed against egoism, then who wants to work against it?

Here it is necessary to think, to make efforts, to act somehow, to organize something. What will I get from this? Nothing in this world: no food, no sex, no family, no fame, no knowledge.

Question: It is probably easier for a person to live with what is thought up in religions about the existence of a future world. But how much does the hope that there is something somewhere psychologically improve a person’s life?

Answer: Today, to improve a person’s life psychologically, it is unnecessary to be religious.

We see religions gradually fading. Recently, a lot of non-religious people have appeared who despise different beliefs of people because religions do not specifically answer our questions.

If a person needs to transform this life a little, he has Hollywood, the Internet, or something else. That’s enough for him. He will create any illusory world for himself.

What is there after death? No one knows. Therefore, a person no longer believes in this. His ego outgrew these tales and can no longer believe, much less sacrifice his time and intellect.
From KabTV’s “Basics of Kabbalah”, 12/11/18

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