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One isn’t judged from above on New Year’s, but he judges himself, how he must be, and he determines his own future. And this New Year is a new turn for him!
One is his own judge, jury, and executioner!
And then, as it is written, there is judgment below and judgment above…

Prayer must be in the heart:
for the heart to be in accord with the prayer for acquiring bestowal (faith) instead of the inherent quality of reception (knowledge).

The Creator’s concealment is in His power over all that happens.

Requests for the New Year: to feel the greatness and singularity of the upper force, the Creator, despite His concealment. To feel His importance and authority in all that happens. Up to each of “our” desires and actions, how they are all controlled by the Creator.

This is the meaning of the New Year’s prayers. #RoshHashanah

The New Year is the creation of Malchut, a new desire that comprises all the souls, for them to be filled by the Creator, feel His greatness within. We request to feel for the Creator, the desire to love and bestow, to fill everyone and be revealed in all.

One must therefore attain the Creator’s greatness and singularity. And then the Creator will fulfill him.

Man is held by two forces, to receive and to bestow. But one must decide which will rule within him. And not for the sake of a reward in this world or the next, but because the Creator is great in his eyes.

The main thing over the course of life is to acquire permanent faith, i.e., full quality of bestowal over one’s natural desire to receive, the ego.
From this desire and request, a New Year begins in one’s life!
Let us wish this for one another! #RoshHashanah

This decision defines the New Year! #RoshHashanah

One’s request determine’s one’s fate.
Though all the abilities are already included in one, the way they are used depends on the path one chooses:
to exert in acquiring this world (riches, power, knowledge)
or to be similar to the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal.

But one can only sense it as sin in contrast with the opposite quality, that of bestowal, faith.
So let’s ask for the quality of bestowal!

#Elul is the time to ask for #forgiveness and release from sin. The ego is the cause of all sin. For as long as the ego isn’t gone from man, all of one’s thoughts and actions are for oneself, a sin.
From Twitter, 9/9/18

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