My Thoughts On Twitter 9/23/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Sounds come to us from the degree of upper Bina and we therefore don’t feel any threat in music. A person can be scared by a picture or words, but music does not evoke fear in us, even if there is alarming drumming.
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Music corrects and purifies us, lifting us up.
I’m like a musical instrument with tangled strings—flawed and out of tune. Suddenly music comes to me, sounds penetrate inside—this tunes, calibrates me. I come out of it neatly brushed and tuned to its melody.

Spiritual states regard people’s unification until full restoration of the common system of the first man, Adam. This system broke and we need to gather it into one. We gradually reveal all its broken connections, the whole gravity of the breakage which penetrated deep into nature
From Twitter, 9/23/18

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