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Switch from self-protection to sternness toward yourself.
And gentleness toward the friend…
Relax, be closer to your friend with your heart.
Let go of the resistance.
Set yourself free, like a bird out of a cage.
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Kabbalah’s difference from other teachings: They use elements of Kabbalah to describe actions in our world. There’s nothing spiritual in our body/actions! Kabbalah doesn’t say a word about our world. Only by receiving Ohr Makif will we attain the quality of bestowal/the upper world.

The Creator’s gift is when you feel a desire to bestow to Him.
This is called the light of faith. It carries the quality of bestowal.
It produces a desire to think about the Creator, to please Him.
This becomes important like a mother cares for her baby.
We attain our mutual work.

The Creator’s greatness is the sensation that He governs all my states and there’s None else besides Him. There’s no other force. He incorporates all decisions, thoughts, forces. If one feels this, it means he attains the Creator’s greatness and there is nothing above/besides it

In Hebrew the New Year is the Head of the year: we ask to be the head, not tail. We wish to rise above egoistic desires, to bestow and not receive, so the intention of bestowal—i.e., equivalence to the Creator, will determine all our actions. And likewise all year long.
From Twitter, 9/1/18

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