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Love of others is achieved only
– with the mutual support of the friends
– with the help of the upper reforming light.
Those looking for the Creator must create relations that will draw the upper light, changing their ego-relations to bestowal and the Creator will be revealed in them

The love of creatures obligates us to act in this world, so it is visible. Those who can profit from it talk about it, but no-one supports it. It is written: “Israel is a small nation”—a part of the entire mankind, who aspires THROUGH the love of creatures to love the Creator.

In our attempts to unite, we realize that we cannot. We are exiled to the power of self-love, Pharaoh. Desperate to escape from him, we cry out. This invokes the force of Moses in us, which pulls us out of the ego. Our work in the group is to reach the plea for the Creator’s help

Over time, we are building a group (a ten) to achieve unity. As much as it repels us, our efforts still draw the reforming light OM [Ohr Makif], even if we have no desire for it and only perform the required actions together, such as studying and so on.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is 6,000 years old. There are books about the structure of the upper worlds, but they aren’t clear on spiritual work and how to change to become like the Creator. Only Rabash (Rabbi Baruch Ashlag), gave a systematic description of spiritual work in his articles.

It is essential to provide a feeling of mutual guarantee in society and think about everyone so that everyone would worry only how to bestow, not about himself. Then a person detaches from his ego-desire, engages in giving to society—and by doing so finds the new, upper world.

When a person is in a group that cares for the friend, and feels that his ego-desires are neutralized by the concern for the group, there is no need to worry about himself. Thus the society neutralizes his ego; like a child, who feels he is cared for, is care-free.
From Twitter, 7/14/18

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