Awareness Of Evil

laitman_260We must seek out such changes that will bring us to the awareness of evil, the darkness between us. What does it mean that “we awaken the dawn” (the darkness before the dawn)? I reveal the blackness, the darkness, the deficiency in our relationships, which I had not seen earlier because of the strength of old habits.

But I became uncomfortable as a result of the changes that were made. This does not mean, however, that I quit, that I no longer come. In awakening the dawn, we create the place for the prayer, we learn to turn to the Creator. It is the only thing we need: to clarify the deficiency related to the path, then we ask, we demand the correction from the Creator, for Him to advance us.

We will find ourselves in such states that we cannot change or correct by ourselves. But we will discover exactly what needs to be corrected, what is happening to us. On the path of “hastening time” (Achishena), we must look for the darkness ourselves, like the hunched over old man who walks and searches as if he lost something. We must awaken the dawn ourselves, learn to walk by ourselves, like a toddler learns to take his first steps.

The goal is to come to a prayer for the Creator for help. We can accelerate it if we draw the dawn closer ourselves, revealing the darkness before the Light, the deficiency. The feeling of the deficiency is already a prayer and it may become so strong that we receive an answer from the Creator and enter into dialog with Him, as it is written: “I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me.”

This is a new and a very important stage: to teach us the correct relationship to destiny and the correct use of the upper force. This is the path by which we enter the work in Achishena, when we are no longer just pulled forward or pushed from behind, but we ourselves initiate and formulate our steps.

Changes reveal the problem that was hidden inside. The usual shortcomings become invisible and that is why they have no chance of correction. But when these disturbances are suddenly revealed, they trigger a prayer to the Creator for help, to which there is a reaction from above. We raise MAN to the Creator and receive MAD from Him. These are already actions connecting us with the Creator, revealing contact with Him.1
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/26/18, Preparation for the Lesson
1 Minute 5:55

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