The Latent Period In Spiritual Work

laitman_592.04There is a certain “latent period” in spiritual work when a person does not see that he is advancing or doing anything. It is similar to a pregnant woman who does not yet show signs that there is a new life growing inside her.

It is due to the fact that spiritual actions fall within the force of bestowal, while a person does not yet possess this quality, and therefore cannot see the spiritual actions. If there is a Kabbalist next to him, then he can, through his force of bestowal, see what is happening to a person and what is in store for him, while the person himself cannot.

Sometimes a person cannot detect any changes inside himself; although preparation is underway and very important changes take place, they are below his sensitivity threshold. After all, he is not yet in the intention to bestow at this stage.

Therefore, a person can never see his next degree; it is only perceptible to a Kabbalist next to him. Like parents who know how their children will grow up in a year or two, but their children themselves do not understand.

All this concealment is on purpose to give us the opportunity to develop the Kli (vessel) of bestowal. If the next degree were revealed, we would be unable to work in bestowal, having full knowledge of it.

It is a blessing that the breaking and concealment took place because of which we are able to develop the Kli of bestowal, faith. I don’t want to see or know! Even the seeing and knowing that is later revealed, the ability to see the whole creation from beginning to end, I do not accept into the same Kelim (vessels). I don’t want to get answers, I want to bestow above them.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/25/18, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Letter 56

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