My Thoughts On Twitter, 9/7/17


#Reality is nothing more than a hallucination created by the mind. But when our hallucinations overlap, we call them “reality.”

Current #education crisis is here because for the first time in history the younger generation requires education to develop character.

Cataclysms? The problem isn’t restoring the ecosystem, but in creating a UNIFIED system where everything is one #nature, not man & nature!

General & particular are equal (Kabbalistic principle). Nature’s system is integral, so my minor action disrupts the whole system (#crisis)

Education is through personal example. #Children pick up everything—the adults must simply build a circle (ten) of interaction with them.

Error in #education: a parent from the past generation is teaching a child of this gen. who needs a teacher from future gen. (Kabbalist).

Replacing all salaries and pensions with #UBI (universal basic income) is the foundation of a just society. All other actions come after it

#quote Fighting the ego is like trying to put out fire with gasoline. The ego is created to be corrected, not destroyed!

Destroying the ego’s negative force is impossible. It can only be subdued by adding a positive force into our world. #EGO

The real terrorist is hatred toward others that’s inside all of us! By extinguishing it we destroy the foundation of #evil in the world!

#HarveyRelief #Texas Balance among all people brings harmony, and allows humanity to lead a peaceful life on Earth.

My interview with @Dreuz_1fo journalist Jean Patrick Grumberg about #Jewish Unity

From Twitter, 9/7/17

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