My Thoughts On Twitter, 8/31/17


Who in the #EU profits from the migrant invasion into Europe? Who in America profits from Trump’s impeachment? Who pays and who receives?

Man’s goal is to realize that he is the center of the nature, and must correct his Ego to bring nature to harmony. #Motivation

#Houston #Texas All the cataclysms are the result of negative relationships between people, breaking the balance impacting Nature

#Technology advances prove that our greatest power is our thought, but to control it means to control the ego, and that we cannot abide!

Hurricane #Harvey and many other disasters—both natural & social—await us, so that we realize that it is our thoughts that govern the world!

Want to know the truth? Because the world’s nature is #egoistic, always ask “Who is profiting from this?” to never be wrong about anything!

Our thoughts are with the people of Texas #HurricaneHarvey

From Twitter, 8/31/17

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