Attracting The Positive Force Of Nature

laitman_766.3Question: Can it be that those who cannot be educated in the system of the last generation will turn back and once again turn society into an egoistic one?

Answer: There will always be such tendencies. The negative force arises where we cannot fill the emptiness with the positive force. Therefore, we should not fight with the negative force but only attract and strengthen the positive one.

Question: How will the negative force be corrected?

Answer: It will be corrected exactly by the fact that the positive force will come instead of it and it will correct everything. And we cannot. We do not have the right to interfere with this! Our task is to awaken the positive force, but the way it will act, correct, and replace the negative force, is absolutely not our job.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 6/26/17

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