Wonder Woman, Part 2

laitman_570The movie Wonder Woman in which the main character superhero who saves humanity stars an Israeli actress caused a huge wave of excitement and pride in Israel.

But I am sad to see that our people, like little children, are still waiting for a good magician who will come and arrange our life, instead of arranging it by ourselves.

Is it possible with indifference, laziness, and confrontation tearing up the Israeli society, we are still waiting for a magician? We ourselves must change. Is there anybody who can come from outside and change our evil nature?

Question: The film encourages us to come to love, but does anyone know how to do this?

Answer: There is a method that teaches you exactly how to come from hate to love; it is called “the wisdom of Kabbalah.” This is why Kabbalah is revealed nowadays. The Kabbalists of all generations talked about our time, and we need to take up this technique and begin to study it in order for all to rise to the level of “super-human.”

Question: Why is it not so easy to love?

Answer: It is not easy because our nature is pure egoism that causes us to ill-treat others. Egoism does not relate to the fact that I want to eat, drink, and sleep more, to lie in the sun on the beach and swim in the sea.

Human egoism is the desire to improve one’s state at the expense of others—our evil attitude toward the inanimate, vegetative, and animate nature, and most importantly, to people.

Egoism is when I enjoy not from my own achievements, but from the fact that I belittle others; that is, I do not just care for my own good, but I wish evil to others. Even if I do not want to harm them directly, I still measure my success only in relation to others.

When I look at the people of Israel, I see a people who had the opportunity to build a new state and a new society, but who still remain a “gathering of refugees.” The country is divided into lots of factions and communities that hate and oppose each other.

If this situation continues, the time granted to us will soon run out and we will have to leave this land. In fact, if those living here had the opportunity to leave Israel, many would do so.

It is possible that the movie about an Israeli wonder woman awakens a hidden hope regarding Israel in the nations of the world. They understand that Jews are a special people. The biggest anti-Semites in the world, such as Hitler or Henry Ford, wrote a lot about the mission of the people of Israel and accused Jews of not fulfilling the role assigned to them.

Therefore, the world makes serious accusations about Israel, although it does not understand their true cause. But the wisdom of Kabbalah explains it in all sincerity: Israel is obliged to be a Light for the nations of the world, that is, to show everyone how to unite and come to love one’s neighbor as oneself. Such a love the people of Israel must achieve within themselves and thus set an example for the whole world, to become a Light for the nations of the world.

But we do not fulfill this mission, and therefore, the nations of the world rise against us, wishing to destroy us. This is what is written in the “Introduction to The Book of Zohar.” It is worth reading about what is written there and to understand that we have no other way out, neither the people of Israel, nor the whole world—the only solution is that Israel realize its mission.

The people of Israel should be the superhero who saves humanity—the Messiah – Mashiach, that is, the power that will pull out (Moshech) all people from the evil, egoistic nature to the good and altruistic, from hatred to love.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 6/8/17

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