What Kind Of Conventions Will There Be In The Future?

laitman_941Comment: Friends are talking about their impressions of participating in conventions virtually, how their groups of ten sit together with us in lessons and in all the events, without moving from the computer and in mutual support for each other. They feel that their responsibility is much stronger than with us in the hall.

Answer: Certainly. In that way, they are bridging the distance.

The impressions from the conventions don’t depend on their physical presence. Rather, it is whether a person was ready to give everything to be in a convention, but he didn’t have the possibility. Therefore, it makes no difference if he is here or at home.

Question: What kind of future conventions do you see?

Answer: I see the future conventions as virtual conventions. A few thousand people will come to them physically, while all the rest will connect from a distance. Which is to say, the nucleus will be physical and the main part will be virtual.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/19/17

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