Three Times About Love

laitman_527_03Comment: You said that a person is given the feeling of love in his youth and each of us has, indeed, experienced first love. The second time is when a person has a child, and as for the third time, he has to develop it himself, consciously in relation to strangers.

Answer: The first case is not love but a natural internal hormonal call that is described in many sources. In the second case, when a person has a baby, he feels that he is part of nature and that he is taking some high part in it. This action is similar to the Creator’s action and so it gives a person a special feeling. In the third case, if a person begins to truly resemble the Creator, he can already feel what love is.

Question: In the first two cases I can somehow imagine what love is. Can I relate to these two cases as an example in order to understand how to love others?

Answer: No! In the first case it is merely a hormonal discharge and that’s all. Forgive me for speaking about love and romance this way, but there is nothing else in it. You can ask any psychologist. And as for the love of a baby, it is a beastly emotion.

Nature did not let us feel all that for no reason but to develop the next level in us, which is above nature. You begin to love another not because you like him or because you fill up some of your desires, but because you are bringing the Creator pleasure by that, and this is called altruism.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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