The Plan For Exiting Crisis, Part 8

laitman_629_3The Goal of Corrected Society Is the Personal Goal of Everyone

Question: How can a person realize his personal inclinations in the integral society of the future if society will demand some other contribution from him? Suppose a person wants to become a great musician and is engaged only with music and society sends him to a different job?

Answer: The problem is that people don’t yet understand what integral education is. After all, they haven’t received it and they don’t feel what it means to live in the country as if in one family. They can’t even imagine what it is.

As a result of integral education, a person will treat society and his family as two parts of one whole. Like today he gives and receives in his family, he will also give and receive in society. If society is built correctly, it will give a person confidence, security, and everything that is necessary.

Society will break no one—each one will be able to realize his inclinations. We are talking only about the fact that a person must invest in society in order to receive from it everything necessary for satisfying his needs at all times and in all conditions.

Question: How is it possible that each person will do what he wants and annul himself before society at the same time?

Answer: Everything depends on education. A person can’t just do anything he wants because after integral education, he will find out his place in the integral system and precisely there he will feel himself best of all.

We all are in one system. If I find out exactly my place, then I will want to be precisely in it according to my nature! Integral education brings a person to an understanding of his purpose according to his nature, and it can’t be that he’ll want anything else. After all, precisely this task will be an optimal one for him.

Question: Each person wants to realize himself, this is a very strong inner motivation. How can he abandon it for the sake of society?

Answer: Through integral education a person will begin to see an integral system and feel his real place in it. Then he will strive to implement exactly what he is destined for. After all, this is exactly what he can do best for society and for himself.

Imagine an integral system. If I am created this way in order to be a cogwheel in one place I can’t strive toward another place where a square element is required. I will feel that I have to be exactly where a cogwheel is required and that this is the best thing I can do for myself and for society. The goal of society and my personal goal becomes the same.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa” (Arosa Document), “Plan for Getting Out of Crisis”

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