The Plan For Exiting Crisis, Part 5

laitman_600_04Altruism—Genuine or Irresponsible

Question: There are many people in the world today who can call themselves altruists. Why do you think that the crisis resolution is possible through altruistic education?

Answer: We are not talking about altruism as customarily understood in this world, but about the Kabbalistic meaning of it. Altruism is the perception of the whole society as one system in which the wellbeing of an individual is equivalent to the wellbeing of society; therefore, he must include himself in the society and treat it as he treats himself.

I do not know if various altruists and humanists think the same. If any of them treats society this way, then it is close to what the wisdom of Kabbalah demands from us.

If a person sees his life as a part of society, like an embryo in a womb of his mother, receiving everything from her; then he realizes that everything depends on the wellbeing of society. And that is why he gives everything to the society and takes only the bare necessities for himself. Through this behavior, we guarantee our spiritual life without any restrictions.

A person will treat society this way if he receives an integral education. With the help of this education, he will begin to understand and feel what “integrality” is and what it means to be all as one man. Without this, the world cannot exist. The global crisis and the numerous problems that modern world is experiencing today lead us to this.

The world is in the transitional period when the era of “democracy” and “liberalism,” which led society’s leaders to irresponsible management, is nearing its end. If all management is carried out exclusively in a “democratic” way, then the results are the most disastrous.

After all, who chooses the leaders? This is the public who makes their choice based on which candidate screams louder, looks prettier, and is more like the Hollywood icons..

We can see the results of this populism all over the world. The leaders of European countries destroyed Europe with their liberal course. Perhaps, it is not clear to everyone yet, but very soon it will manifest itself to its fullest.

And most importantly, the harmful influence of the mass media determines public opinion through the speeches of famous artists and popular figures who know how to convince people.

It turns out that the leadership of countries is chosen not according to their professional leadership qualities, but according to their public speaking skills.

The public, impressed by performances, chooses their leaders, who then come to power and start doing whatever they want. All of this is the result of populism, liberalism, and democracy. The problem of modern leadership is its incompetence.

The revision of the entire previous approach is beginning now, and we hope it will lead to correction.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 1/29/17, Lesson on the Topic: “Mismah Arosa (Arosa Document),” “Plan for Quitting Out of Crisis”

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