In The Dark Entanglement Of The Egoism

laitman_232_01Question: Ever since I was young, I wanted to understand how I can bring benefit to other people and what the meaning of my life is. This search has led me into the dark entanglement of other peoples’ egoism.

For some reason, they were always happy to take advantage of my search and my kindness for their own benefit. Where have my good intentions led me?

Answer: You have been searching without a method! You simply wanted to do good to other egoistic people who took advantage of that.

Question: How can I learn to give correctly?

Answer: That is a whole science. You must be tougher and more cunning. You shouldn’t let anyone use you. A person should be very resourceful in order to cope with his ego, with the snake, and to work with it.

You shouldn’t be a fool or at least not naïve. It is good that you have such attributes. But now you already know that you must change yourself.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/26/17

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