Generations X, Y, and Z, Part 2

Laitman_036Question: When you look at yourself and your generation of baby boomers, and compare yourself with your grandson who is a few generations apart from you and belongs to generation “A,” you, of course, see a big difference.
What is the root cause of such differences? Why do new generations have a completely different perception of the world?

Answer: From the moment of the creation of our universe, from the Big Bang to today, all of our development was egoistic. First, evolution was at the level of inanimate matter; atoms began to form and connect to molecules. Then, plants appeared on the surface of the globe, later animals, and finally, man who has also been developing for many tens of thousands of years.

All of this evolution was due to the growth of egoism inside the matter at all of its levels: inanimate, vegetative, animal, and human. Thus, the egoism of the generation of my grandson, of course, is a lot greater than the egoism of my generation. He demands more from life. After all, the more time that passes from the beginning of creation, the more matter develops.

Its development is expressed in the fact that it begins to demand more fulfillment, both in quantity and in quality. Accordingly, one generation is different from another. In addition, there is a certain acceleration of generations. Before, it was necessary to pass several centuries in order to make the difference between generations noticeable. Nowadays, the generation is completely new every ten years.

Egoism grows and requires more and more from life. Therefore, the modern generation needs to know the meaning of life, its essence, and how to fill one’s egoistic desire, which has grown in relation to past generations. It quickly finds out what is worth doing and what is not. In short, it is more selfish.

The quality of egoistic desire has also changed. Man can no longer be filled with small joys that were characteristic of the old generation. I remember when they bought me a bicycle; the joy lasted for about two years. My younger grandson is almost indifferent to whether he has a bicycle or not. He is looking for better fulfillments.

As a child, I looked at a plane in the sky and was inspired just by its appearance. My little grandson was taken on a trip to France, and I was amazed at how calmly he entered the plane, as if this was the most ordinary event. He treated it like an adult.

From the outside, it seems that he is a small child, but in fact, there is an adult inside who is not impressed with the material. His impressions and their form exist on a completely different level.

The modern child turns on the computer and knows in advance what should be there. His inner need tells him how each button should work. He knows that the computer was prepared for him by the last generation, and that’s what it should be. This generation comes and opens things, knowing in advance that they have already been created.

This is very characteristic of the last generations. After all, our generation only made discoveries and created new things. It was a generation that had nothing. Everything just started to enter our life. Cars and planes—we created them ourselves.

For our grandchildren, it has become ordinary. The sky and the earth are full of all kinds of machines. So, nothing impresses the young man: not mountains, the supermarket, nor the amusement park. Everything seems to be obvious in advance. Egoism has become more sophisticated, complex, and requires a better fulfillment.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 4/18/17

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