Transcending To A New Way Of Life

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What will happen in the future when vehicles will be operated without drivers or when we will be able to print any product we want on a 3D printer? In other words, does the fact that we are eliminating our egoism by filling our desires instead of rejecting them in order to attain the Creator, please the Creator?

Answer: We will be able to satisfy our needs in a new way, but we will still have to work very hard between us in order to establish the right network between us. We will switch from one sort of activity to another.

In the future, machines will sow and reap and perform other types of heavy labor without the participation of humans. Today unmanned aircraft, submarines, patrol ships, without crews etc., are being used. Imagine on the threshold of what changes we are standing. The need for people performing physical labor will disappear.

People will be needed for a totally different kind of work: working on establishing the right mutual connections between us. This is very hard work, and in it they will find a vast field of activity. The fields of art, science, literature, cinema, and educational relationships, all should be focused on this goal.

If you imagine a planet near Earth where we could fly to and create a world according to our new spiritual goal, you would see that we are building everything completely new. This is not a world of skyscrapers and all kinds of office buildings, but a brand new way of life.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/18/16

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