A Global Cyber Attack

laitman_272In the News (The Guardian): “A ransomware cyber-attack that may have originated from the theft of ‘cyber weapons’ linked to the US government has hobbled hospitals in England and spread to countries across the world.

“Security researchers with Kaspersky Lab have recorded more than 45,000 attacks in 99 countries, including the UK, Russia, Ukraine, India, China, Italy, and Egypt. In Spain, major companies including telecommunications firm Telefónica were infected.

“By Friday evening, the ransomware had spread to the United States and South America, though Europe and Russia remained the hardest hit, according to security researchers Malware Hunter Team. The Russian interior ministry says about 1,000 computers have been affected.”

Question: There is no need for bombs anymore; instantly you can shut down everything,  push trains, destroy people, etc. Will technology enable us to do all that?

Answer: Even to kill yourself.

Question: Why does this happen? How far can all this go and what should we do?

Answer: This will go on until we reach a point where it will be possible to easily blow up nuclear power stations—which means dozens of nuclear bombs—destroy hydroelectric power stations, and cause planes to crash in the air, etc., i.e., to create “small-scale” global chaos.

Comment: At the moment, the hackers are asking for money from 200,000 targets, each for $300.

Answer: What is $300 for a hospital or an airport? We can clearly see that is isn’t a matter of money. It is a very interesting event that should shake up humanity and make it understand that the Internet should be limited; people should not be given such abilities.

There is no need for any kind of weapon. What do we need tanks, planes, cannons, or guns for? These already belong to the Stone Age! Today you can easily type on your keyboard, press enter, and everything blows up in the air. I manage the world.

There should be an international agreement on the matter, but there isn’t one! We see that the world is managed by egoism and that it is impossible to do anything about it. International agreements lead us nowhere.

However, the moment I, the egoist, feel that I can irresponsibly abuse you, I will do so. Destroy? All the more so! Therefore, the problem is to treat the real source of the problem, our ego.

Question: Does that mean that there will be no treaties between countries?

Answer: No treaties can exist either now or in the future. If I can break a treaty and do whatever I feel like, nothing can stop me.

Question: Not even if hospitals cease to function?

Answer: What difference does it make? I want you to totally disappear, and it is better if you leave everything behind you, like after a neutron bomb, which destroys every living thing and leaves everything else clean and intact. You can roam around whole empty cities and do whatever you wish.

Therefore, I believe that the only thing we should engage in is the correction of our egoistic nature. Once you understand what the wisdom of Kabbalah says, that there is part of me inside you and there is part of you inside me, and that goes for all the people in the world and all the creatures, we will begin to care about everyone egoistically on a totally different level and there will be nothing left for a person to do except care about everyone.

We should look more deeply into the system of nature and see how all of mankind is connected to each other. Then we will see that nature obliges us to care for each other. This is the only way we will be able to ensure a better future for ourselves.

Otherwise, everything will be in the hands of “cleanliness” international terrorists, not those who kill people, because after all, it is only war games. Here there are serious, clever guys who show us what they can do to us.

Ahead of us there are still many manifestations of our selfishness, which, as it were, tells us: “You must think about your future, if you want it at all.”

The point is that computers are gradually becoming part of every aspect of our lives, so that there is nothing we can do about it. After all, it is not just about cutting off some gas pipe or some international connection. One can enter the municipal network and cut off all the landline and cellular phones and there will be no connection, and what then? We cannot even imagine it!

Comment: But we have raised this monster ourselves—a young man in a suit and tie who surfs the net in order to spread a virus on the net. He was given Internet games; he was trained to kill, to be first in competitions; he cannot be any different. You give a person a computer and tell him: “You can go in there and ask for $300,” and so he does.

Answer: He doesn’t care about the $300. That’s the whole problem. These people usually work for an idea. They are interested in control. They don’t care about communism, capitalism, fascism, or socialism at all.  For them, it is important to be able to rule, and by their intellect, by pressing a key on the keyboard.

The conclusion is very simple, humanity, in the full sense of the word, kneels and begs: “Enough, stop!” But it is actually humanity that has dragged itself to the Internet and has brought up intelligent monsters that can do whatever they feel like.

These are people who think globally and who are interested in the triumph of their ideas, not even in their desires, but in computer programs. They live only for this, and do not know anything else and do not understand anything beyond that.

Question: What can we conclude from this if we cannot stop them?

Answer: There is no conclusion. Humanity cannot come to any conclusions if it goes on this way!

Question: But still, people should realize that it will get much worse in the future.

Answer: The point is not even the future, the point is that we can control nuclear wars and other threats, but we cannot control cyber attacks. Eventually people will find themselves living in constant fear that something terrible may happen at any given moment.

Question: How can humanity feel that?

Answer: These guys will teach all of humanity so that everyone will know who they have brought up and how to go on living.

Question: At the same time security experts say that, “we will find and suppress these characters.”

Answer: Others will replace them. This is actually the future type of terror, and the point is not the $300. They have no need for money. They will break into banks and transfer everything wherever they want to and it will be impossible to trace anything!

Comment: This means that one way or another, we have to deal with the root of the problem. There is nowhere to run.

Answer: Nature will teach us. I hope that no one will be hurt. It is a good lesson for mankind, and people will begin to understand what they should do better. This can only be done by the system of the upper leadership.

You will not be able to reach these people. There are millions of them and tomorrow there will be billions who will want to learn to do the same thing. Those who are behind the cyber attack will be role models to others.

Question: So what can we do?

Answer: We can find the way to the upper leadership. This is the only way we can impact the whole world in a positive way, and then we can be sure that everything will calm down and reach its balance.

No actions will help in our world. People will try to sign different treaties and to look for culprits, and where will all this lead? In our world, everything is meant only to show man that he should change his paradigm.
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 5/15/17

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