National Patriotism

Laitman_200_02Question: Can the state educate a person with the spirit of nationalist patriotism, of the type in North Korea? What are its implications? Is the concept not a catalyst for the beginning of world wars?

Answer: Certainly, national patriotism or any other type of patriotism is contrary to the mutual convergence between all people and nations, and therefore constitutes a negative movement.

The world is in a state where it cannot welcome narrow-minded patriotism any more. Humanity is moving toward general unity not because that is what it wants, but because that is how the forces of nature are developing it. Opposing this is like shooting ourselves in the foot.

Let’s not engage in narrow patriotism; we will only suffer from it. We see that everyone who goes around arrogantly with their noses in the air ultimately will be bound by various restrictions, and no one will want to connect with him.

Therefore, we must accept a priori that our great world is integral. It is a “small village” in which everything is interconnected. There is no place for narrow-minded individualism because a person cannot do well for himself at the expense of others and vice versa, because it will act like a boomerang against him. We have seen this, and more than once, throughout the 20th century.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 1/8/17

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